4K this week

21/04/2017 at 18:05


Hi all,

Welcome back after the Easter break.

We have started the new term with some exciting new topics.

In science we are investigating solids , liquids and gases.  We sorted and defined liquids and solids. We discussed why different materials could be defined as solids or liquids; including some tricky ones such as salt, thick creams and rice.

In History we have begun a new topic looking at the Islamic Golden Era. It is particularly interesting as this civilisation occurred at the same time as the Vikings, but was much more advanced at the time. The children used atlases and Google Earth to locate and describe the landscape around Mecca and then Baghdad, where the capital city of the civilisation later moved to.

In Literacy we are learning about different types of poetry. The children have learnt how to write a cinquain and have produced a collection of poems about the four seasons.

In maths we are onto the very tricky skill of converting between different units of measure. We have measured the length of items around the classroom and recorded the answers in cm, mm and metres. We have weighed everything (literally everything) around the classroom and converted from grams to kilograms (x or / by 1000). We have now moved on to litres and millilitres. Homework is to read the scales on measuring cylinders. In order to do this, children need to look at the numbers they can see on the scale. Then count how many markers there are between zero and the first number. For example, if the first number  is 100 and there are 4 markers between 0-100 then 100 divided by 4 = 25, means that each marker is worth 25ml.

Next week we will continue to investigate measures in maths, look further into figurative language in poetry and find out about the order of events in Islamic History.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kroon


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Eggs, eggs, eggs! KS2 cooking curriculum this half term

17/04/2017 at 19:34


This half term, we are learning how to make scrambled eggs and poached eggs.

Jamie Oliver shows us how:

We intend to use some Farfield Farm eggs (let us know if you would rather use shop bought free range eggs) and chives. If we are lucky enough to get any home grown asparagus in May, we might prepare that too.

Scrambled eggs recipe

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4K and Fanwoods

01/04/2017 at 10:51


Hi all,

We had a great week to finish off the term. The children worked hard writing their Historical Viking stories; we have some very able writers in our class and the standard was very high. I hope to share some of these over the holidays.

The children had loads of fun creating pop-up books in DT. They made these about vertebrates or based on their Viking stories . They learnt how to make different pop-ups out of card and then thought of some lovely imaginative ways to use them. They will bring these books home for you to see after Easter. I hear some of the class have been applying their skills at home. We took our books over to share with the reception children, who really enjoyed listening to the information and playing with the pop-ups. The Year 4 children were excellent role models for the reception children and they had a lovely time together.

Finally, some of the children from 4G and 4K on a trip to Fanwoods as part of the OAA PE curriculum. The above photos show what a good time we had. As usual the children we very well behaved and enthusiastic. We also surprisingly managed to get some lovely weather!

Enjoy your holidays,

Mrs Kroon

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Pop-up books in Year 4

30/03/2017 at 08:44


This week, we have started to create our own pop-up books. We have been writing our Viking-style historical stories in Literacy and we are going to use them to create our own books. We have been practising different methods for creating a pop-up, making prototypes out of scrap paper. Yesterday, we planned out which pop-up would be most effective at certain parts of the story.

Here are some examples of the different pop-ups we have been practising.


Over the next two days, we will be making and finishing these in order to read them to children in KS1!


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4K last week

26/03/2017 at 16:29


Hi all,

Last week in 4K we begun writing our historical stories based on How to Train Your Dragon. The children are enjoying writing these and have shown good progress in their writing.

In Maths we completed an arithmetic and a reasoning test. These showed that we need a little more work on fractions; finding fractions of numbers, converting fractions to decimals and reasoning about fractions. we will therefore be revising this next week. For homework I have set the children work on finding fractions of numbers. The rule is divide by the bottom and times by the top.

In History the children enjoyed learning about Viking gods and goddesses. We then created our own Viking god with similar strengths, powers and abilities.

I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine this weekend,

Mrs kroon

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Maths practise

19/03/2017 at 14:19


Hi all,

Try this website to practise all the Year 4 objectives :


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