Friday 3rd April

02/04/2020 at 19:13


Good morning Year 4. Today is the final day of term. We have been very impressed with your work, especially in the last two weeks. Hopefully, normal life will return soon. But in the mean time …

Maths set for today is hundredths as decimals. Don’t forget that you also have tasks set on Mathletics, plus the TT Rockstars battle is still ongoing!

On Google classroom, the literacy set is a reading quiz entitled Elephants.

Your English grammar work for today has been set on Purple Mash. There are two grammar tasks and a spelling activity to complete. If you cannot log on, email or or direct message via Google classroom for your username and password. To access the work, log on to Purple mash then click on the Alert icon at the top of the screen. It should have a number next to it. This is the number of assignments that have been set. Click on each assignment to complete them. The score will then automatically be sent.

Also on Purple Mash is a recap activity of the Science we have been doing this half term.

Below are a selection of pictures and videos of things we have been doing. Many thanks for sending them in.



PE with Joe.

Football skills and doughnuts.

Rescuing a butterfly.

Painting and creating.

Working and playing.

Making banana cake and bookmarks.

Abi made an Easter card.

Walking, cooking and creating.

Walking, cooking and a rat!

Work and family.

Good Cooking!
Daily exercise!

Below are some reports of things we have been doing.

Alfie 4B. I have been doing work playing out with my sis and that’s it apart from going in my cabin and playing bars with my sis and that’s it really. I also did some drawing.
Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives!!!!

Nell 4K. This week I made a letter that said something kind in it. I went for a walk and I put the letter where somebody could find it . The next day I went back and the letter wasn’t there . Then I walked on and spotted it in another place and that meant somebody had found it and opened it and moved it.
(What a great idea Nell!)

Arish 4K. What I’ve done is just work all day! (Well done Arish. You deserve a break.)

Joe 4B. Most of the day I have done my school work, after that I played in the garden with my brother and sister. Yesterday we took our trikes, bikes and scooters to the civic hall car park to ride around and get some exercise. I have done some drawing and played a Pokemon game on the switch (console).  I have been looking after the broccoli and carrot seeds we planted at the beginning of March.   

Ayla 4K. This week I have practised on my piano, and made some songs on it. I also got to talk to my friends over the phone. I played with my friends online. I went for a walk everyday. And we have walked over 20 miles. We also made a big den and slept in it for two nights. We also played Mario Kart on the Nintendo switch. I did lots of school work. I made treasure hunts with my sister.

Kaleb 4B. This week I have really enjoyed spending time with my mummy. We went on a bike ride with my dog Rupert, fed the ducks and had a lovely picnic. We also spent time together reading and playing wordscapes. I have done lots of mathletics at home but I am missing my friends at school.

Erin 4K. This week I drew a picture of my little sister and coloured in an Easter egg. I also baked some chocolate rice crispy treats with my dad. I took my dog Sully for a walk everyday down Priesthorpe Lane. I also played a game of Scrabble with my family. I have been learning boxing with my mum and played football in my back garden. I played on my trampoline and monkey bars. For dinner I had some yummy fajitas and they were delicious. I even designed an outfit for my dog. It was brilliant

Vaughn 4K. This week I went on a walk every day and on one of them I saw Mr Harris cutting the grass by driving the lawn mower! I made a shoebox scene about pandas, it was part of my project about endangered animals. I did Joe Wicks every day apart from Monday. I’ve done video chats with my friends. I’ve done lots of work every day.

Izzy 4B. I have done lots this week, but the things I have enjoyed the most have been planting my mum’s marigold seeds, decorating my fence with colourful chalks, having a picnic in the living room and getting 300 followers on Tik Tok! Yes, 300! My tooth also fell out and my baby sister broke a gravy pot by throwing my mum’s gravy all over the floor. She thought it was funny! I am missing you all verrrrrrry much.

Holly 4K. This week I have been playing with my Lego figures. I’ve also made a banana cake with my mummy. I’ve done some work on google classroom. I have been reading my encyclopedia of knowledge. I’ve been doing some science on a petal. I’m working on what it’s made of. I want to be a scientist when I’m older so I need to study things like the petal and other stuff too like wildlife.

Abigail 4K. This week I’ve been helping look after my little brother and sister, they are hard work and often get into paddies about who’s kidding a lot of stuff. I have been riding in my go-kart. I always take my bike out and go around the block five times as my once a day walk or ride. Me and my mum have been helping Jacob, my little brother, write his name. Also me and my mum have been helping my little sister Lucy learn more words. I also have been making Easter cards and love to draw with Rob!

Joshua 4B. This week I have been baking some gingerbread men with my mum and my little brother. I have also finished my creative story and done lots of school work. I also helped make a Chilli Con Carne on Wednesday. I  fried the minced beef and stirred the spices into the sauce. I have painted a rainbow money bank to keep and painted a rainbow on paper and put it in the window. My little brother and I went outside in the garden in the mini hurricane that struck Leeds yesterday, and sang happy birthday to both my baby cousin and my grandma on video chat and have gone out for walks. I have been doing the P.E. with Joe Wicks daily and had fun playing Roblox with my little brother. I clapped for the NHS and key workers last night.

James 4B. This week was very different from last week due to my Dad having a half day every day of the week so every morning he is either checking on me or helping my little brother Isaac in nursery.  Another reason is us doing a lot more exercise a lot more walks and a lot more running around time which is fun but tiring. During Monday morning I was doing maths but it’s way more difficult due to my Brother doing half the time I do then distracting me. After I did my maths I went on TTrockstars, Mathletics and so on. On TTrockstars it’s been up and down on which class is in the lead. Tuesday was the same apart from us going for a walk to a field to run around on. Same on Wednesday and Thursday but on Thursday we went to  it there was a really strong wind so we turned around halfway to go back home and today which is Friday I’ve only done the morning so far so in the morning I did maths and spelling shed. 

Keep sending your pictures and reports and they will appear here later.

Finally, thank you to all the parents who have been helping with children’s learning. Hopefully, you are enjoying the experience! There is no doubt, it would a lot more difficult without your assistance.

Have a great Easter and we hope everyone keeps well.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and the Year 4 team.

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Wednesday 1st April

01/04/2020 at 07:00


Good morning Year 4.

It is good to see you working independently and so well. Remember…

Your writing task for the next two days is to complete your story. There have been plenty of great examples of opening paragraphs, which have been a pleasure to read. These have all been carefully written, making sure that all the grammar asked for has been included.

There is no reading comprehension today, but instead there is a grammar and punctuation quiz. This is due for completion by Friday.

The Maths tasks are to complete dividing one digit by 10, then move on to dividing 2 digits by 10 and fractions.

Remember that Spelling Shed and TT Roockstars are still being used.

Thank you for keeping us up to date with what you are doing at home. Here are a selection.

Keep sending in your photos, videos and reports. Another selection will be posted on Friday.

Vaughn has been finding out about people from History!

The Greek Thinkers

  • Four famous Greek Philosophers are Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Diogenes 
  • Philo-” means love, and “-sophia” means wisdom.
  • Socrates always asked “why” and this made people poison him!
  • Diogenes lived in a barrel and weed and pooed on people!

Stay safe.

The Year 4 team.

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Monday 30th March

30/03/2020 at 07:54


Good morning Year 4. We hope you are all keeping well, enjoying your time at home and are ready for the week.

The work this week will be posted on Google classroom as usual, although don’t forget to keeping logging on to Spelling Shed and TT Rock Stars. Talking of TT Rock Stars, there is good news for one class. The battle of the bands on the “final day” was

However, notice that the end date has now moved to 29th April. So it’s good news for 4B as they have another chance! Well done 4K for the current score.

The literacy this week consists of a mixture of writing and reading. Current work is:

The book review posted Friday – due end of Monday 30th March.

A comprehension entitled Lions in the Garden – due end of Tuesday 31st March.

The first paragraph of your story – due end of Tuesday. The rest of the story is to be written over the next couple of days.

The Maths set today is:

Recognising a third

Tenths on a number line.

Remember to keep sending in any other work or photos of activities you may have done at home. If you have exercised, discovered, investigated, read, watched, gardened, cooked, painted, drawn, built or experimented then let us know.

Here a selection of activities undertaken last week and over the weekend.

Vaughn 4K. Every day we went on a walk to get some fresh air and exercise. We played in the garden most days too. I’ve also done Joe Wicks. On Tuesday the baby caterpillars arrived in the post that will turn into butterflies that we will release in the garden. I checked on the marigold seeds I planted and they are growing already! Last year I found a bulb at a park which I brought home and planted and it has grown really big! On Friday I used the mad scientist kit I got for my birthday. I made a bouncy eyeball and a poo! Here is a photo of the eyeball.

Some lovely home baking.

Emily has created a very handy guide to staying safe.

Lottie has been making Mexican masks, fairy gardens and a rainbow display.

Keep safe.

The Year 4 team.

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What we have been doing this week.

27/03/2020 at 19:03


School has been very strange this week without the comforting, noisy bustle of lots of children. However, those that have come into school have settled well into the daily routine. The day has started with Joe Wicks (and by popular demand, some cracking music over his live stream), then on to work set on Google Classroom for the rest the morning. The afternoons have been more creative. We have done plenty of PE and design tasks. On Monday, the children drew bees for a fence display. Today, the challenge was to design and made a paper aeroplane, with the champion being the one that flew the furthest. Year 3 and some Year 5s joined in and the winning plane travelled 17m, though this was from the top of the tree house with a strong tail wind! Can you do better?

Today we also had a very challenging music lesson. Ms Howells taught the children a new song using only the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Have a listen. Have a go. Send in your video.

It has been wonderful to find out what you have been doing away from school. Please keep sending in your news. (Apologies for not adding the lovely photos sent with the reports, due to privacy restriction. )

Izzy 4B. This week I ran around on the field at the back of my house and raced with my mum and sisters. I have also played outside in my garden and on my trampoline. Also this week, I made Leek and Potato Soup, drew and coloured pictures, made Roblox videos and played board games with my family. I really really reaaaaallly miss you all but especially Imogen, Jameela and Mr Beevers. I am excited about tonight because I am having a sleep over in my living room with my sisters and mum.

Abigail 4K. Everyday I’ve had fun playing in the garden and doing obstacle courses with Jacob, my little brother, then I take him for a short walk around the block. Running around makes me tired so I rest! I also enjoy playing with my air gun which sends a blast of air at you it’s really good! I enjoyed #drawwithrob and have done 4 so far. 

Billy 4B. This week I have played on my trampoline, my swing, my hoverboard and walked across the field. Also I planted a Forget-Me-Not in a M&S little garden pot. I have collected frogspawn from our pond in the garden and put it in a bucket to watch them grow. I have made a poster including faces, rainbows and flowers mostly and stuck it in the window, also we stuck a stay safe sign next to it. Last night me and my family went outside into the garden and clapped for the NHS. I have played some games with my brother and tonight I am watching a film with him.

L.J. 4B I have done the number song and Joe Wicks, tennis (L.J. was too modest to mention that he beat Miss Saunders in a match!) , football and google classroom.

Oliver 4K. This week as well as my school work, I have taken my dog Teddy on a walk to the woods. I have been looking after the seed that I planted in my propagators. My next door neighbour gave me a spray bottle to help water my seeds without giving them too much water. I have also played swingball with my Mum and Dad and dog in the garden. I made a fort in the garden with cardboard boxes and also put a blanket in it. I even made a table with a small box for inside. I have been riding my bike when we go for our daily walk with Teddy. Yesterday I made a sponge cake with my Mum, It had lemon buttercream icing and I decorated it with leaves, flowers and butterflies. It was delicious!

Hibah 4K. My week has been okay but it could’ve been better. The reason that my week hasn’t been good is because of the virus. I have to self-quarantine which I hate because half of the time I get bored and I want to go out to the park but I can’t. Even though I’ve been bored, I have been busy with my school work and my mosque work which has been pretty fun. There is something that keeps me occupied which is books. I love books because they are fun to read pass time and take you into a new world.

Joe 4B I have spent my mornings doing school work then after I finished I played outside in my garden with my sister and brother. I have watched my tablet and watched a couple of films as a family with a big bowl of popcorn.

Ayla 4K. This week I did not do many exciting things but I made a play out of card and paper. I also decided to write a diary entry every day so i could look back at them. Every day i did my work on the computer. When we went on a walk everyday we saw lots of cats and I stroked one.  I also helped with cooking food every night. Every day we did a daily run around our house.   

Alfie 4K. This week I watched avengers endgame and it was really cool but the worst part was when iron man died at the end. I also had a barbeque in the back garden and I had a sausage and a burger but after that I had a big bowl of salad. I played with my avenger characters and one of their heads popped off. I went to Asda with my mum but there wasn’t a lot of stuff because of the coronavirus, everyone has bought a lot of stuff because they were scared of the coronavirus so they had to buy a lot of stuff.

Daniel 4K. My week was amazing. I was doing my work. I did some times table rockstars. And now I’m a ROCK LEGEND! Can you believe that! I can’t. My mum has moved into my office. I enjoy the company. I got a new box to play with,and…yes I think that’s it really.

Joshua 4B. Two days ago, it was my birthday!!! 🎂 I got lots of presents, and I also got double stomp rockets and took them to the park to play with it with my brother, Mum and Dad. I had fun playing with some of my presents in the sun! Me and my friend Frankie spent half an hour trying to become friends on Fortnite and then played together in our own houses.😅 It took that long because he plays on mobile and I play XBOX. I even got a lego Harry Potter knight bus set which I built the next day. Yesterday we all had fun making gigantic bubbles with my bubble wand that I got for my birthday. I have been doing my work set mostly on google classroom on the computer and have only done one page in my yellow book.😬 I have also started doing the ongoing grammar! Last night at 8:00PM I joined in with the 100’s if not 1000’s of people clapping for the NHS.  😷.I bet you did as well! 

Jameela 4B. This week I spent most of my time indoors due to Coronavirus. I must admit it’s not a bad thing to self-isolate as I do get more time spent with my family. At the same time it feels very strange not being able to see my friends & close family.Everyday I have been doing some constructive school work online.This week I had a chance to play games with my family, chase my little brother around the house and to teach him the colours of the rainbow and how to draw. For a long time I wanted to watch a movie called Nine Lives.  I watched it with my mother & it’s about a man called Tom Brand.  He owns the tallest building in North America and he hates cats but he got a cat for his daughter, but then he fell off his own building and he turned into a cat after he broke a window with his head & it’s a very funny film. As the weather has gone nicer & warmer I feel a little bit sad that I can’t spend a bit more time outside. I am looking forward to this weekend as I will be playing Roblox a little bit more than usually. 

Lottie 4B. Every morning I  do 30 mins exercise with Joe Wicks even my mum does it! I’m not going to lie, I have not enjoyed doing maths activities but I have been proud of myself for understanding it. I Have been doing most of my work on google classroom but sometimes I have been forced to do it HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! In the afternoons I have been doing topic work and I have been making Mexican masks. The first thing I made was a fairy garden. I really enjoyed it because I found lots of leaves,grass and twigs. When we first started to make the Mexican masks it was  really messy because we had to put strips of newspaper and flowers mixed with water all over it.We had to do it for 2 days. After that once it was dry we cut it in half to make two masks and then we added facial features and painted it. Yesterday I was playing with my friends on the street. It was very strange because we all had to stay on our side of the street and in our gardens.  One mum threw us some chalks over so we could chalk. At the end of the day we scrubbed the street clean. Last night I watched Mamma Mia 2 and at 8 o’clcok I went on the street and clapped for the NHS workers. Lots of people came out on the street.  If I behave today and do my work and help out I will be allowed to watch Frozen 2. 

James 4B. On Monday I was quite busy because my Mum set up a schedule and I had to do P.E , Art , english , maths and ttrockstars. At around 1:00 I had to check my work. I also had to look after my sister  due to my Mum going to work. Luckily my Dad works from home. At around 6:00 am on Tuesday morning I was annoyingly woken up from my sister crying.I had to do the same things on Tuesday as I did on Monday I had to do that every day of the week. On Wednesday I baked some cherry cookies with my Mum and Brother and since my brother goes to nursery he doesn’t do work on Thursday or Friday I did though.On Thursday I had a walk around the neighborhood for P:E I did the same on Friday and that’s basically my week. 

Maddy 4B.

Emily 4B. I’ve had a great week!!! And probably as a lot of you know I’ve been on google classroom every day!! I miss you all dearly and I think I could cry, I just can’t. I watched FROZEN 2 yesterday it’s ok but… I’M NOT A FAN!!! Luckily, I got too say hi to a few friends on face time and zoom app. It’s nice to know what they’re doing. I hope you’re all keeping safe and none of you got the coronavirus. I’ve been on TTrockstars and Mathletics a bit but mostly TTrockstars. Don’t worry I’m not having too much fun .

Hope you are all well and staying safe.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and the Year 4 team.

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Wednesday 25th March

25/03/2020 at 18:08


We are well into the first week of home schooling and have been impressed with the way the children have been completing their work on line. Hopefully, the teething problems from the first couple of days have been sorted. However, if you still have a problem, need advice or require some resources, please email and beth.kroon and we will endeavor to help. (Emailing both of us will mean it is picked up sooner, as the teacher in school may not be at their PC)

The morning’s work will consist of Maths, Writing and Reading and we will be posting work every day. In school, the children have also started the day to Joe Wicks and his daily PE lesson. We will usually focus on grammar work in Literacy from Monday to Thursday, but on Friday the children will be asked to complete a longer piece of creative writing, using the things they have practised during the week.

Please don’t forget the online learning sites that we use in school. TT Rock Stars and Spelling Shed are useful to practise skills and we will be directing you to some work on Purple Mash and Mathletics.

For afternoon work, some great art sites are:–ks3-schools-art-and-design/zmd4mfr

If you fancy cooking with the kids, then our Food and Cooking blog page, , has a range of delicious recipes. (Our opinion, but let us know what you think.)

Keep safe.

The Year 4 team

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Serious Homeworkin’

23/03/2020 at 22:00


Thank you to all of you who completed the homework set on Google Classroom today. Those that did I have marked and returned. Correct answers are highlighted green and incorrect is yellow.

I have set the children lots of activities on Mathletics and Spelling Shed as well.

I hope you enjoyed your first day of teaching!

Mrs Kroon

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