4G’s week 04.05.18

Monday 30th April | 1 comment

Wow, would you believe we’re already 3 weeks into this half term! The time seems to be flying!

In Literacy, we have been looking more at play scripts. We began the week, practising and recording our own version of the play script ‘Meet The Twits’.

This is the beginning to the Roald Dahl story which has been converted into play script form. We began this on Thursday, with Mrs Daniels splitting the class into 2 groups, with each child being assigned a part. The groups then did a couple of run-throughs, focusing on using the stage directions to help instruct and enhance the performance.

Click on the audio files below to listen.

Mr Garlick’s group:


Miss Morgan/Mrs Hodgson’s group:

For the rest of the week we have been thinking about the structure and content of play scripts in order to convert a narrative into a play. We used an extract from Horrid Henry to help us. Next week, we will be writing our epic plays!

In Numeracy, we have continued our work using money. We have been rounding, estimating and solving problems in order to deepen our understanding.

In Topic, we began looking at the timeline of the Golden Age of Islam, looking at the first 4 caliphs (government rulers) of Baghdad from around 630AD. We created a scaled timeline to help demonstrate that often lots of key historical events happen close together, especially at the beginning and end of a civilisations reign.

In Computing, we have continued to explore and use the drawing software Sketchup. We have been looking at scaling in order to draw a 2 storey house. Next week, we will be trying to recreate our classroom!

Have a great bank holiday weekend! It’s suppose to be glorious!

Mr Garlick

One response to “4G’s week 04.05.18”

  1. Daniel’s Mum says:

    Wow! You have been busy!
    Listening to the children was quite enjoyable, didn’t they do well!

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