Jingle Bells, all the way.

Friday 13th December | 3 comments

On Thursday we spent the whole day making our musical instruments. The children all worked brilliantly to create a variety of pan pipes, rain shakers, xylophones, drums, recorders, and flutes. It was great to see everyone working safely and helping their partner to complete their projects.

At the end of the day, 4B formed their own orchestra to perform Jingle Bells.The harmony and rhythm is something to behold.

On Friday, the children learning guitar (plus their tutor, Julian) showed us their work over the past few weeks with their version of Jingle Bells.

Special mentions this week go to Lottie, Rhys, Isaac and Holly. Well done for for all your hard work, especially when making your instruments.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and all the Year 4 team.

3 responses to “Jingle Bells, all the way.”

  1. Marion says:

    Oh what a musical bunch! I bet the staff needed to lie in a dark room after that! Well done everyone. Great musical instruments!

  2. Carolyn (Emily’s mum) says:

    The musicality of the 1st video is quite something. Emily has been enjoying playing her instruments at home.

  3. Caroline (Izzy's mum) says:

    Wow! You all did so brilliantly creating your marvellous instruments Year 4 – Izzy is sad she missed it! The first video absolutely made my day – Tubular Bells eat your heart out! Fantastic guitarists too. Well done everybody.

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