North America and Sound

Friday 8th November | 3 comments

Welcome back after the break.

Our topic this half term is North America. We will be studying the counties of the continent in Geography and will look at some of the traditional stories from the region in English. The stories this week were similar version of the creation of the world as told by the Ojibwi and Algonquian peoples, involving Nanabush and Wisakedjak.

In RE this week we have been looking at and retelling the Diwali story. The children created freeze frames to show the story of Rama and Sita.

Our Science topic over the next seven weeks is entitled Good Vibrations. The children will be learning how sounds are created, how they travel and how they can be altered. In DT, we will also be making musical instruments. This week, we investigated which instruments or objects could produce high or low pitched sound. We also noted whether they were quiet or loud and if the sound was continuous or a pulse. Strangely, although we had a variety of high and low pitched instruments, they all seemed to be very loud!

Our special mentions this week go to Daniel, Junior, Ibraheem and Veerpal. They have all started the new half term with brilliant attitudes towards their learning. Well done boys!

Have a great weekend (mine will be quiet).

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and all the Year 4 team.

3 responses to “North America and Sound”

  1. Ellen (Erin’s mum) says:

    Erin’s brother did a project on Thomas Bell and they all made a telephone out of cups and string, using vibrations to transfer sound. Great timing of projects! Erin enjoyed the testing of different instruments in class. Erin also enjoyed the cross country.

  2. Carolyn (Emily’s mum) says:

    Good re-enactments 4B. We strongly suspected Emily was high up with monkeys but didn’t realise she is king of the monkey army.

  3. Zoe Webb (Jack's mum) says:

    Jacl has loved this week starting his new PE options and getting to represent the school in cross country. The school as a whole did brilliantly and I was sp proud of Jack for coming 10th overall out of so many runners. Looks to have been a busy and very loud week. Have a lovely break

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