The Force in Year 4

Monday 5th February | 5 comments

Year 4 have spent this half term playing boomwhackers with Ms Howells and parent volunteer Mr Naysmith.

Ms Howells says: “Well done to all the children in Year 4 for a great ten weeks of boomwhackers.  The children have composed and recorded  short pieces using the pentatonic scale. We also worked on a number of group pieces including Star Wars (below). All the children worked hard to learn all the different parts. We hope you enjoy our online performance.”

5 responses to “The Force in Year 4”

  1. Daniel's mum says:

    Wow! That was impressive! Well done everyone!

  2. Adele Bowden says:

    Wow this is great! Well done year 4!

  3. Mrs Dawes says:

    So talented! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Umayr's mum says:

    Super performance!
    Well done everyone.

  5. Katie NW's Mum says:

    Wow. That was mesmorising. I couldnt stop watching. Absolute fantastic concentration and team work. Watch out John Williams…Farfield can provide blockbuster movie themes for Hollywood now!

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