This week in 4C

10/11/2018 at 18:08


Hi everyone,

The children have had a fantastic first week back after a well deserved rest.

In Literacy, we have started our new topic of stories from another culture. We are looking in particular at Native American stories which fits in well with our Geography topic of North America. The children enjoyed learning a story about how North America might have been created- see if they can tell you!

In Maths, we have started with column subtraction. Whilst this is tricky and there are lots of parts to remember the children have done well.

We have started our new topic of sound in Science. The children loved exploring different ways of making different types of sounds with instruments.

All children began and enjoyed their new PE topic. Unfortunately, swimming was cancelled at the last minute due to issues with the pool.

The children received Maths homework on Friday which is due this week. Our Extreme Learning percentage is still strong so thank you to all completing their extra learning.

Have a good weekend.

Miss Chambers

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This week in 4k

09/11/2018 at 19:55


Hi all,

The children have made a great start back after their half term’s rest.

In Literacy we have begun work on stories from another culture. We are looking at Native American stories which tie in to our geography topic sudying the North America and the USA.

In maths we have been working on subtraction. Nearly everyone has grasped column subtraction with 4 digit numbers. Please check that your child remembers how to do it, including with exchanges. For example 3018 – 1344=…

All children begun and enjoyed their new PE topic. Unfortunately, swimming was cancelled at the last minute due to issues with the pool.

The children have been set homework solving subtraction problems this week. Most children scored very well on our spelling test on Thursday and nearly everyone has been practising times tables rockstars. Well done 4k. Keep it up!

Mrs Kroon



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Music in 4K

07/11/2018 at 16:33


Here is a quick video of our class singing Mama Mia. We have been learning this song for a term and had so much fun we thought we would share our final version!


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Another very busy week in 4C!

26/10/2018 at 21:55


Hello all,

This week has possibly been our busiest week yet! On Monday, the children who do OAA for their PE went to Fanwoods. They all said they thoroughly enjoyed the experience but came back very tired.

We have also had cycling sessions throughout the week for all Year 4 children. The children really enjoyed this. Some children who were previously unable to ride confidently left the session riding independently, which was fantastic to see.

In Literacy, we have worked on our spelling, punctuation and grammar. We have done a lot of work on conjunctions as this is a target for many of the children. I will be putting a sheet containing a range of conjunctions in children’s Learning Logs after the holidays. Please use these if you are doing any extra work with the children at home.

In Maths, we have continued with addition and looked at some reasoning and problem solving questions surrounding this. Some children have taken these home to complete and I would be grateful if they could do this over the holidays.

A few parents asked for examples of reasoning and problem solving questions. As well as the suggestions from parents evening, the website below offers some brilliant examples and games for the children to do.

We finished our electronic board games in DT and they looked fantastic. Both the children and I were extremely excited to see them come together and the “light bulb moments” were brilliant.

We have also finished Mamma Mia in Music and performed our song. The children have improved greatly from when we first started and are much more in tune now.

We had a fantastic percentage of 89% for Extreme Learning. Thank you and keep up the hard work!

Children have their poems to finish and spellings for their Learning Log. They also have Maths Homework. Both are due back the first day after half term please.

It was a pleasure to meet parents at parents’ evening and please email me if you have any further questions.

Enjoy your holidays and I hope everyone has a well earned rest!

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4K’s busy week

26/10/2018 at 10:23


Hi all,

Well what can I say! We’ve had: cycling, swimming, making electronic games and a trip to Fanwoods for some, all in one week!

On Monday some children (those doing OAA) went to Fanwoods, while others did the level one cycling for safety. Here are some pictures from Fanwoods.

The children enjoyed the cycling activities.. They found it challenging but fun. The cycling leaders commented on the brilliant attitude and politeness of the all the Year 4 children.

In DT we finally finished making our electronic games and all of them worked which is a great achievement! One of each pair of children will have brought the game home on Thursday. Please could they bring it back after half term so that their partner can take it home and show it to their family as well. There was a great atmosphere in the class when building these and I really liked how those that had finished went round and helped others. Here are some pictures:

Because of all our extra curricular activities, we have only managed to fit in a few literacy and maths lessons.  We have learnt how to use possessive apostrophe, adjectives and similes while writing poetry. In Maths we have been solving a range of addition problems. We have given out homework to complete some missing number additions in maths and to learn the next ten spellings from the list of Year 4 words.

Anyway enjoy your half term,

Mrs Kroon and Ms Howells

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An unbelievably busy week in 4C!

19/10/2018 at 22:18



4C have had an extremely busy week this week. We started with our trip to Ledston Woods on Monday. The trip was great fun for all and we had a fantastic time identifying different leaves, creating our own mini beasts and discussing adaptations and habitats (pictures to follow next week).

We have also continued our topic of poetry in Literacy.  We wrote our own poems based on “No word of a lie” by Jackie Kay. There was some great exaggeration by the children with some having rockets and unicorns in their gardens! We also wrote our own Haikus about different vegetables for the Harvest Festival.

In Maths, we have started our addition and subtraction topic. We have looked mainly at addition and have completed some problems when adding 10, 100 and 1000.

On Thursday, the employees from the Leeds Recycling Centre came to speak to us about recycling and different types of waste. We all had great fun completing the various games and activities and some children even had the opportunity to dress up and take part in some role play. Thank you to the team at RERF for delivering this.

Next week, the children will be cycling on different days in groups. They should have received a letter today. They do not need to provide a bike or helmet but should come in PE clothes that day.

Learning Logs and Maths homework went home today. Learning Logs are not due until the first day after half term.

Have a good weekend.

Miss Chambers

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