Friday 19th June

19/06/2020 at 05:33


Friday is here already.

Firstly, a big thank you to all the photos sent in. There have been lots of origami, Miss Trunchbull, giant and dog pictures showing your work. See below for the gallery.

Today’s Maths work is to gain 1000 points on Mathletics. A new TT Rock Stars battle against Year 3 has been set as the last battle ended badly for Year 4 again and we lost by over 5000 points.

The work set today on the Literacy classroom is to practise your spellings. Spelling Shed is an option or try a set of spellings from your spelling booklet.

If you haven’t already completed it, the Summer Solstice comprehension is a relevant reading task today.

Remember to complete the Fluency Tutor task. See Wednesday’s post for instructions if you are stuck on how to use the app.

There is no Spelling Shed or Maths meeting today as the Science meetings take place at 10:00 (4K) and 10:30 (4B). Spelling Shed games will take place next week. Join in the fun at 10:15. Either play online or on paper to test yourself. It is lovely to see new and familiar faces.

In Science, we are going to take a closer look at your observations from last week.
In task 1 you will record on a class sheet what you found out from your investigations last week. We will go through this on Friday at 10.00 am 4K and 10.30 4B to help you get started. You can type your answers onto Ms Howells’ sheet to complete task 1.
Task 2, designing your own experiment. This can be handed in, in which ever form suits you best – photograph, labeled diagram, Powerpoint/Google Slides, written description in your book etc.
Ms Howells looks forward to seeing you for science at the kitchen table.

The children in school have been working very hard this week but also having fun. During lunchtimes, we have been listening to a different legendary band or artist each day, including The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Queen and U2, so far. Not all the children had heard of these before, although some had and enjoyed the music, but we debated each on their merits. We plan to move through the decades but may have to miss out some classics such as Bros and Jason Donovan due to time!

This week’s literacy has been very visual based, with plenty of pictures drawn. Here are as many as possible.

The Twits’ dog.

Miss Trunchbull

A new giant

Well done for all the paper folding this week. There have been some great examples.

See you all in Monday. Have a great weekend.

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Wednesday 17th June

16/06/2020 at 19:40


Good morning Year 4. We have a mammoth blog today.

Firstly, today’s tasks.

Your writing this morning is to describe and draw a picture of the Twit’s dog.

Maths continues with subtraction and today involves more than one exchange.

You might have seen an assignment on Google Classroom that, when you click on it, takes you to Fluency Tutor. This is a reading task. You record yourself reading then send the recording to your teacher.

To complete the task you have to first click on the Record icon.

Your device may ask for access to your microphone. If it does, click yes.

Then click Start Recording.

Once you have finished reading the passage, click on Stop Recording. You may want to check that your recording has worked. To do this, click on Playback Recording. When you are happy that it it has been recorded, click on I’m Finished.

Usually, there will then be four comprehension questions to answer. Do these and your task is complete.

If you get stuck, please email your teacher for help.

This is what we have been doing this week.

In school on Monday, we played foot-cricket. Like cricket but without using your hands to touch a football bowled/kicked at the wickets then fielded/passed back to the bowler.

Experimenting with air and water.

DIY window replacement.

Cooking and a picture of Miss Trunchbull

Enjoying the outdoors. River walks, bike rides and mountain biking skills, plus visits to see family at the coast and collecting dead crabs

A fierce Miss Trunchbull by Billy.

Isaac is carrying out some science by measuring rainfall in his garden

There have already been a selection of origami creations sent in. Thank you for all your efforts and well done. Paper folding can be very tricky but keep them coming.

An origami fish by Maddy

The definition of perseverance. If at first you don’t succeed…

Erin’s very cute animal.

Isabel’s dinosaur. Grrrrr.

A lovely dog. Well done Joe.

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Monday 15th June

14/06/2020 at 18:34


Good morning Year 4. We hope you have had a lovely weekend, especially with the change in weather. Let us know what you have been up to by sending in your photos or videos. At the bottom of the page are a selection. You may also want to scroll down to Friday’s page in case you missed some of the ball skills videos, as a couple of them were added around lunchtime.

Your writing task today is on prepositions. The learning objective is to write a description of a messy bedroom using prepositions and adjectives.

The maths this week focuses on subtraction. Today’s work is Subtract 2 four digit numbers. As usual there is a video and a meeting to help.

The reading comprehension is your choice but today is the start of Refugee Week so that may be a good one to complete.

The Spelling Shed competition is at 10:15. Join in by entering the code (posted at about 10:00 on the Literacy site comments). Why not join the Literacy meeting to gain the full experience and see some of your friends at the same time. You can say hello or just wave to the regular crew.

On Friday, the children in school completed some of the Science activities set by Ms Howells. For one task, we made fans to move ping pong balls and then decided to have a race. Luke, the Lewis Hamilton of Year 4, won every race to win the competition hands down.

We then used our paper fan folding skills and origami videos to create humming birds and dogs.

Your fun challenge this week is to make an animal or character of your choice from paper. Some videos with instructions have been posted on the Literacy classroom but there are plenty of other things you can make. Have a go and send in a photo. (Tip – You may need adult help for some of the complicated creations. Don’t get too frustrated if things don’t work first time. Remember, it’s meant to be fun.)

This is what you have been doing over the weekend.

Picking strawberries and painting.

Rowing. 50k in five days puts us all to shame. Well done!

Having fun at Golden Acre Park.

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Friday 12th June

12/06/2020 at 06:09


Good morning Year 4. It is the end of another week already. Hopefully, you enjoyed the good weather while it lasted.

Today is Science day, with meetings at 10:00 for 4K and 10:30 for 4B.

You will need your resource sheets from your work pack for this lesson or you can type straight into Observing Gases.docx on the Scince classroom and hand that in (Click on it, then open in Google Docs).
Once you have completed an activity, record on the resource sheet what you observed.
You may have trouble finding some of the resources needed at home. Don’t worry, just complete the activities that you have resources for.
If you record on paper, take a photograph of the work and upload to Google Classroom.
I look forward to seeing you.
Ms Howells

Literacy today is to complete the Roald Dahl, made up word activity and a reading comprehension of your choice from your home working pack.

Maths is set on Google Classroom and is addition problems, using skills you have practised this week.

Thank you for the videos and photos this week. Keep them coming in.

At home, Joel created a circus. Love the high wire act.

In school, the children made their own snap card game packs and played at a distance. Adjusted rules meant that cards weren’t swapped but put to one side. Absolutely no cheating took place, at all!

Videos of skills with a ball.

Amazing tennis skills. Wow!

Some football practise at school.

Never work with animals.

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Wednesday 10th June

10/06/2020 at 06:17


Good morning Year 4.

Today your Literacy work continues along the same theme as yesterday’s work and is Synonyms and Antonyms. Find a similar and opposite meaning word. Tomorrow’s work is to try and explain what you think some of Roald Dahl’s made up words mean from what they sound like.

Maths today is Adding numbers with one exchange. Watch the video and use any equipment you have (such as lego bricks, mini figures, grapes) to help.

Just a reminder that the Science lesson will take place on Friday. 4K’s Google meet is at 10:00 and 4B’s is at 10:30. The subject is Are Spaces Really Empty? and you will need the resource sheets from your work pack.

Some examples of ball skills have been sent in. Keep practicing.

Conducting a traffic survey, balancing oranges and tennis balls.

Answers to the Who is who? quiz. The winner entry will be announced on Friday

And the tie breaker is … Izzy’s mum. Thank you for all your entries.

Here are a couple of photos of what else we have been up to. Milo rowing 10K and Yaseen on a visit to Roundhay Park!

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Monday 8th June

07/06/2020 at 19:26


Good morning Year 4.

You should have received your new home working pack in the past few days. In it are White Rose Maths sheets and reading comprehensions. As usual, the Maths is posted daily with an accompanying video to help complete the task.

The reading comprehensions can be completed in any order and marked using the answer sheets also sent out. However, it might be worth looking through the different comprehension, as some are relevant on certain dates. D-Day occurred on the 6th June 1944, Refugee week starts 15th June and the summer solstice is actually 20th June this year.

Your literacy work this week continues to be based on Roald Dahl. This week we are focusing on grammar and punctuation in the build up to our writing .

Thank you for all your self portraits. The children in school on Friday had a great time trying to identify their friends and, as a result of the great art work, they managed to name many correctly. Check last Friday’s post below as there have been new additions since first published. Answers will be posted on Wednesday morning.

Your fun challenge this week is to show your skills with a ball. Can you do keepie uppies? Can you do keepie uppies with just your head? Or your knees? Can you juggle tennis balls? Can you balance a ball on your nose? Or the dog’s nose? How many golf balls can you balance on top of one another? Can you catch with your eyes closed? Have a practise and send in a video or photo.

Things we have done this weekend.

Delicious looking scones.

Maddy’s nature photography.

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