4G’s week 25.05.18

26/05/2018 at 09:33


Well another half-term is done and dusted and I think we are all ready for a week off!

This week in literacy, we have been finishing off our work on poetry. We looked at a few poems written by Pie Corbett and used their structure to write our own.

In numeracy, we have been looking at angles and shapes. We have been comparing them and ordering them according their properties.

On Wednesday, we walked down to Farsley Library to take part in a wonderful session all about the First World War. The class were brilliant and learnt lots about Leeds’ role during the war.

Congratulations to Anju and Saad for their Special Mention Awards.

Have a great week off 4G!

Mr Garlick

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4K this week

25/05/2018 at 08:16


Hi all,
This week in 4K we have continued to work on poetry. The children have learnt a range of skills, including personification, similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia and rhyming. They have written some excellent poems.

In maths we have learnt about angles and different types of triangles. We created triangles and checked the sides by measuring carefully to see if they were isosceles, equilateral or scalene.

The children thoroughly enjoyed a trip out to the library to learn about World War 1. Here are some great photos of us dressing up in WW1 uniforms and nurses outfits. We found out a lot and got to handle some real WW1 artefacts.

We enjoyed on sunny afternoon playing Danish Longball with both classes which was lots of fun!

Enjoy your half term.

Mrs Kroon

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4K This week – Fanwoods and Trading game

18/05/2018 at 21:43


Hi all,

In Literacy we have been writing a variety of poems. We wrote Cinquains and learnt about onomatopoeia; such as boom, poow and whoosh.

In Maths we continued to work on graphs. The children thoroughly got to grips with their understanding of line graphs.

Some children from 4G and 4K visited Fanwoods in PE. See the photos below.


This week in history we played a game that involved trading different goods from different countries around Baghdad on the Silk Route. The children loved playing the game. They had to barter to buy and sell different items and try and gather the greatest value of goods. It was so much fun. Here are some pictures:

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4G’s week 18.05.18

18/05/2018 at 08:18


What a great week it’s been! The sun’s come out and brightened up the week.

In Literacy, we have been having fun reading and making poems. We have been looking at a selection of poems thinking about the literacy tricks the poet used to help create imagery! One of the tricks used was onomatopoeia. We watched the video below to help us understand what it was. Be warned, it is a very catchy tune!

In Numeracy, we have been continuing with our work on statistics, looking at line graphs. We have been interpreting them as well as trying to construct some accurately.

In Topic, we had a brilliant afternoon on Wednesday learning all about ‘The Silk Road’, which was one of the key reasons why the Ancient Islamic Civilisation became so powerful. The Silk Road was the trade route that helped connect the powerful Chinese Empire to Europe and African Empires, with Baghdad located right in the centre.

To helps us understand how important this was we became traders. We split off in to small groups and were given an Empire and some goods from that Empire to trade. The first time we traded, we didn’t know the value of the goods we had. This was really interesting as it made us think if what is valuable to us now would have the same value back then and visa versa. Once the day’s trade was done the value of the goods were revealed and we worked out if each group had made successful trades or if they’d made a loss, generally resulting in having their hands chopped off as punishment once they’d returned back to their homeland! We then repeated the game, now knowing the value of the goods. It was really interesting watching the trading and bartering going on this time. Groups were really working hard to get value for their ‘cheaper’ items and those who had the higher priced goods drove some hard deals to get as much as they could for their premium products.

In Science, linking in with the work we’ve done on graphs, we have been plotting the melting rate of the ice hand experiment we did a few weeks ago.

Congratulations to Daisy and Kaydi for their Special Mention Awards.

Well done 4G and have an excellent weekend.

Mr Garlick


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4G’s week 11/05/18

11/05/2018 at 19:37


It’s been a lovely week in 4G and as always we’ve got lots done.

In Literacy, we finished writing our own play scripts. We had great fun acting them out in pairs, in order to see what worked well and how they could be improved.

In Numeracy, we have been data handling. We have been drawing bar charts accurately, collating data about our show sizes.

In Topic, we focused on Ancient Baghdad. We looked at how and why it was built in a circle shape. We then went on to drawing it, using a pair of compasses. It was really tricky but with a bit of grit we all managed to produce one.

Both Numeracy and Learning Log were given out on Thursday. Learning Log links in with our work in Topic.

Congratulations to Serena and Yaqoob for their Special Mentions this week.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Garlick

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4K this week

11/05/2018 at 15:00


Hi all,

This week the children have finished their play scripts based on the Twits. Here are a couple of videos of them reading them. We hope you enjoy.


In maths we enjoyed collecting data about our class and representing it in a variety of graphs. Next wee we will begin work on line graphs.

In history, we attempted to draw the ancient city of Baghdad based on first hand accounts of the city.

It was an amazing place, built in a perfect circle as can be seen in this picture.

Anyway have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kroon

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