30th April

01/05/2021 at 09:09


Good evening parents/carers,

We’ve had another busy week in Year 4 this week. In English, the children have started our new topic of poetry. We have been looking at similes and metaphors and the children wrote their own poems describing family members. Don’t worry they were kind…mostly!

In Maths, we have been continuing with division.

The children have started our new topic of “The Islamic Golden Age” and have started by looking at a timeline. Can they tell you which other periods of history the Islamic Golden Age overlaps with?

In French, we have been using French dictionaries. We first made a human dictionary and then had a competition to see who could find the French words quickest. There were extra points for correct pronunciation too!

Homework will now be set on Google Classroom. English homework is spellings beginning with sc (on the English lockdown classroom) and Maths homework is short division (on the Maths classroom). Children will be expected to complete homework by Wednesday please.

Enjoy the long weekend and remember to turn your alarms off on Monday!

The Year 4 team

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26th March

26/03/2021 at 16:40


Good evening parents/carers,

It’s been another busy week in Year 4. In English, we have started looking at non-chronological reports. We have carried out research about vertebrates and found some interesting facts. Do you know what the first mammal on earth was and more importantly can you pronounce it?!

Our DT topic links to our work on vertebrates. We will be making a pop up book which will feature a non-chronological report about vertebrates. Here’s a brilliant example of the pop ups we’ve been practising. If your child would like to practise at home, videos are on the Foundation Subjects Google Classroom.

In Maths, we have been looking at multiplying and dividing by ten. See if the children can explain to you how to do this. If any of them say add a zero, send them straight to Mrs Kroon, Mr Hemming or I!

Spelling homework has been set on the English lockdown classroom. It is to learn the Year 3 4 statutory spellings. Please complete just one or two pages.

Maths homework has been set on Diagnostic questions which is set as a quiz. This can be found on your child’s Chromebook in Bookmarks.

We hope you have a lovely, restful weekend and the sun stays!

The Year 4 team

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Year 4 19.3.21

19/03/2021 at 16:09


Hi all,

The children have continued to work with a positive attitude this week.

In Maths we have learnt all about decimals and focused on tenths and dividing by 10.

In English the children have begun writing their Viking stories based on How To Train Your Dragon. So far, the writing is looking quite good, although some children need to brush up on their handwriting and punctuation after lockdown.

In Science we learned how to classify invertebrates and attempted to sort them using a branching data base and yes or no questions.

We were pleased to have better weather this week and especially enjoyed working with a football coach in PE. Everyone developed better dribbling and passing skills.

For homework I have set more work on adding the suffixes sion, cian and tion. Children will find this set on the English Lockdown Classroom on Google Classroom. I am trialing something called ‘Kami’ which enables children to type onto a PDF. There is a Google Doc available if this does not work.

Anyway enjoy your weekend and hopefully a little more sunshine.


The Year 4 team.

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Year 4 Blog 11.03.21

12/03/2021 at 09:57


Hi all,

We have had a great first week back after lockdown. The children have settled well back into school routines and it has been lovely to have them all back.

We managed to start swimming on Wednesday already, which was brilliant. All the children (well almost all) were delighted to be back in the pool.

On Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed a session with a football coach.

In Science we learnt how to classify Vertebrates. Here are some pictures to show our work. The children got all nearly all the animals in the correct group. We played spot the mistake afterwards.

The children worked hard in Maths as we begun work on decimals. We completed an arithmetic test and identified multiplying a 2 digit number by a single digit as an area to work on. If you get chance to practice that would be great. 43 x 5 = 40 x 5 + 3 x 5 =

In English we have been reading and listening to the book How to Train Your Dragon, read by David Tennant, which the children have found hilarious. We are now planning our own similar Viking stories.

We have not given any paper homework but have set some spellings to learn on Google Classroom. Please learn words with the suffix -sion.

Next week we will be completing some assessments to help us see how children have progressed and identify areas that need further support. We will share this information at our next parent’s evening, after Easter.

Enjoy your weekend,

The Year 4 team.

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5.3.21 World Book Day!

05/03/2021 at 08:30


Today, Year 3 and 4 are joining forces to celebrate World Book Day. World Book Day’s mission this year is to celebrate and promote reading for pleasure. Children are therefore welcome to wear their pyjamas as we spend the day exploring a range of books and stories. Maybe your favourite teddy could join you for the day?

All of our Google meets and assignments for the day will take place on the Special Mention Google Classroom.

Here is what we have in store for you…

Google Meet Times

  • 9am – World Book Day Assembly Launch
  • 9:20am – What is non-fiction? with Miss Ellis
  • 11am – Share a story with Mr Hemming
  • 2:45pm – Special mention assembly

Tasks for the day

  • Design a page for a non-fiction text
  • Books and the real world live event
  • Sharing a story
  • Writing a character description
  • Create your own reading crown

We can’t wait to see you and celebrate all things BOOKS together! 

Return to School

We are so excited to see children back in school from Monday 8th March. Please can you make sure that children bring with them their mini whiteboards, pens, rulers, White Rose Maths Hub booklets and How to Train A Dragon texts. All other written work can remain at home.

Once again we would like to say a huge thank you to all parents and carers for supporting the children with their remote learning since January. We are so proud of what we have all been able to achieve in such difficult circumstances and it really has been a team effort.

The Year 4 Team

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2nd and 3rd March

01/03/2021 at 15:02


Good afternoon parents/carers,

We would like to say an enormous thank you to all the adults at home who have supported us during home learning. We have been blown away by the dedication to home learning this year with most children accessing all of the lessons and work set- we truly couldn’t do it without your support! Fingers crossed this will be the last week of home learning and we look forward to welcoming all the children back safely on the 8th March.

Tuesday 2nd March

English: Instructions- See Year 4 lockdown English classroom.

Maths: Fractions of a set of objects (1). Complete in your White Rose Maths booklets. Video and a spare copy of the worksheet are on the Year 4 Maths Google Classroom.

Reading: Chapters 5 and 6 See Year 4 lockdown English.

Coding: See Year 4 Foundation Subjects classroom.

Wednesday 3rd March

English: Speech. See Year 4 lockdown English classroom.

Maths: Fractions of a set of objects (2). Complete in your White Rose Maths booklets. Video and a spare copy of the worksheet are on the Year 4 Maths Google Classroom.

Reading: Chapter 7- See Year 4 Lockdown English

PE: Weekly challenge cards. See Year 4 Foundation subjects classroom.

Google meets
9am Maths- Year 4 Maths classroom
10:10am Assembly- Farfield assembly classroom
11am English- Year 4 English classroom
1pm Reading- Year 4 English classroom
1:30pm- Coding Year 4 Foundation subjects classroom (this will be a short introduction with the opportunity to drop in and ask questions after if needed).

9am Maths- Year 4 Maths classroom
11am English- Year 4 English classroom
1pm Reading- Year 4 English classroom

Have a lovely week,

The Year 4 team

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