Testing Toothpaste

17/03/2018 at 12:03


Year 4 have been investigating recipes for toothpaste. We used glycerin as a binding agent, salt as an abrasive to clean plaque and bicarbonate of soda for whitening. Don’t worry: the paste was tested on whiteboards not the children’s teeth!

Photos from 4K (but both classes did it)


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4K This week

16/03/2018 at 10:03


Hi all,

We have had a lovely week in 4K. The children have been well behaved, engaged and hard working all week.

In literacy the children are thoroughly enjoying working from How to Train your Dragon. We have been doing lots of fun descriptive writing, describing dragons, viking settings and writing instructions on How to Train a Dragon.

In Maths we have been learning about time. We have practiced turning the 12 hour clock into the 24 hour clock. We looked at bus and train timetables and worked out time differences. This is the last Year in which your child will practice actually reading clocks at school as they will be expected to know how in the future so please ensure that your child can read an analogue clock. Almost every child has got it but a few are still occasionally mixing the hands up.

On Wednesday afternoon, we went over to 2La to show them our pop-up books which we have now sent home. The children in Year 2 loved reading them and learning about animals. It was a lovely atmosphere and our class were really good role models.

In History we learnt about Viking longships. The children labelled and completed a picture of a Viking longship. We were surprised to find out that the sail was used as a shelter during stormy weather and that they  had room for  16 oars on each side. They only put the dragon head on the front when they wanted to scare an enemy.

Anyway thankyou for reading the blog. We hope you have a good and not too wet weekend,

Mrs Kroon/Ms Howells

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4C and 4K: The Digestive System (or how to make poo!)

09/03/2018 at 12:23


Today, the children have continued to learn about the digestive system, what the different parts are, and what they do.  We have had a very interesting session where we replicated the way that food is digested!

Firstly, we tore the bread into chunks to mimic the way the teeth tear and crush the food. We then put it into a food bag (the stomach) and added cola (stomach acid). The ‘stomach’ was then massaged to break the bread down into a mush. We then poured the contents into a leg from a pair of tights (the intestine) and massaged the water out  to show what happens in the large intestine – very messy indeed! Finally, we looked at the the remnants in the intestine and we had made our very own stool samples. Lots of children have said that they want to try this again at home!

4C photos:

4K photos:


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This week and World Maths Day

08/03/2018 at 14:40


Hi all,

We had great fun on World Maths Day. Jane Fisher came in and introduced the live mathletics challenge in an assembly and really got everyone going. We then played lots of games to help our times tables and place value understanding.

Here are some pictures of the children having fun.

The children had so much fun that the time seemed to fly by!

In the afternoon we completed the live Mathletics challenge, playing 20 games on live mathletics.  The high scores were over 400 points and well done to Joel, Pareen and Jack who were our class winners.

We finished of plotting Viking coordinates. Hopefully the children learned that Maths is important, it can be fun and everyone can be good at it if we persevere!

Due to me not being in last Thursday, homework was given out late. I’ve told the children they can have until Monday to complete the Maths and next Thursday for learning log. We will give out the next homework on Thursday.

Next week we will be starting work on How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. The children will enjoy lots of creative writing.The children have really enjoyed the start to our Viking topic. This week we looked at where the Vikings came from and why they invaded Britain.

Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs Kroon

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4K’s snowy week

01/03/2018 at 16:01


Hi all,

What a cold and snowy week!

We made a great start to the week, finishing off decimals and beginning new topics on Vikings and stories with historical settings.

The children enjoyed making a giant timeline of all the major periods of British history. We then created a scaled time line of the Viking period, with one square worth ten years, like in a graph. We also collected the facts that we already knew (or thought we knew) about the Vikings. The children already knew a lot. Next week we will begin reading How to Train your Dragon in literacy.

In maths we finally finished our work on decimals and fractions. As many children have not been at school today can you please ensure that they complete the games set on Mathletics instead.  Also children need to practise their number facts on Live Mathletics ready for a huge competition on World Maths Day, next Wednesday. Next week we will be moving onto time. In Year 4 the focus is on converting between units of time and the 12 and 24 hour clock. However, I have looked at the assessments from Year 3 and it appears that many of the children struggled to read an analogue clock last Year. Therefore, before next week begins, could you please have a look at an analogue clock with your child and remind them of how to read the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

The children are continuing work on digestion in Science, focusing on teeth.

I hope you have a good weekend. Enjoy yourselves in the snow, but stay safe!

Mrs Kroon

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4K’s week

23/02/2018 at 10:24


Hi all,

The children have come back to school after half term refreshed and full of energy. They have been focused, determined and a pleasure to teach this week! Well done 4K.

This week we have finished our pop-up books about vertebrates which your child will bring home after we have shown them to KS1.

In Literacy, we have been writing a report about vertebrates for an older audience. The children have focused on improving their original work to include more detailed facts, more conjunctions and adverbial phrases.

In Maths we have thoroughly investigated decimals. Your child should now be able to explain what a hundredth and a tenth is: please do ask them. We have also ordered and rounded decimals. For homework, I have asked the children to round some decimals. I have also set some tasks on Mathletics for the children complete. Please can you encourage your child to go on Mathletics this week?

Next week we will begin our work on Vikings. The children will be reading stories with historical settings in Literacy, focusing mainly on how to train your dragon. Learning log and spellings will go out next week.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Kroon

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