Steady hands

25/10/2019 at 18:14


In English, the poetry topic finished with the children writing their own haiku. The structure of this type of poem is that the first and third line contain five syllables, whilst the second has seven. The children were given the option to write their poem based on either the sun, the sky, a castle, a fairy, a monster or a giant. We worked hard to think of relevant adjectives and then fit them correctly into the lines. The children then enjoyed performing their own poems and listening to other.

On Thursday afternoon, Year 1 children came to our classrooms to play with the electronic games that we have been making over the past few weeks. The Year 4 children were thrilled to have the visitors and were keen to show how their games worked and explain how they were made.

More photos from the afternoon can be found on the Year 1 blog.

All the children have worked hard since starting Year 4 in September and have earned a well deserved week off.

Have a good holiday.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and the Year 4 team

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Fun and Games

18/10/2019 at 17:45


Maths this week has focused on addition and using the column method. The children have worked with four digit numbers and have applied what they know to solve some tricky problems.

Our English work on poetry has continued with the children learning how to use onomatopoeias in their work. We had some great examples such as the boing of a pogo stick, the crunch of crisps or the squeak of a guinea pig. We then wrote our own version of either the poem The Sound Collector (4K) or Surrounded by Noise (4B).

In DT, some of the children finished making their electronic games this week and had the chance to play them with their friends. We all had a great time making and playing them and next week we aim to spread the fun to Year 1 children as they will be invited to have a go on Thursday afternoon.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and all the Year 4 team.

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Poetry in 4K

13/10/2019 at 14:30


We had a great week performing raps and poems in 4K.

Here are some of our performances.

In Maths we have begun work on addition and subtraction. Homework this week is on this. We are moving on to the 6 times tables next week so please can your child start learning these. I have been very impressed by the class effort on Times Tables Rockstars.

We have also logged on to an app called Spelling Shed. This uses the same logon as Mathletics and I have set the children some work lists to practise on there. Please encourage your child to have a go. This counts as part of the Extreme learning challenge as well. We are not doing that well currently with Extreme Learning so please encourage your child to get their book signed and bring it in every day.

We have had a fantastic start to the year in 4K and I am very impressed by the effort all the children are putting in to all their lessons.

Many thanks,

the Year 4 team

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11/10/2019 at 17:53


Poetry has been the focus this week in Year 4. The children have been learning to perform The School Kid’s Rap by John Foster. There were some nerves but all the children contributed admirably. Videos of the performances by children in 4B are below.

In DT, the children have been construcing the circuits for their electonic games. Several groups have managed to complete their project and have enjoyed playing quizes, steady hand games and operation style games.

Special mentions this week go to Matilda, Jeevan, Rosie, Alexis and Holly. Well done to all!

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and all the Year 4 team.

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Counting and Passive voice

04/10/2019 at 18:28


This week in English, the children have been explaining how the shirt machine works. Also, the children have been learning how to write sentences in the passive voice. (Writing sentences in the passive voice have also been learned by the children.) This is a tricky skill but everyone has worked hard to try to understand how the subject, verb and object are rearranged.

In Maths, we have looked at rounding numbers to 1000 plus have revisted rounding to 10 and 100. We then practised counting in 25s, learning the rules to decide if numbers are in the 25 times table.

Science this week concentrated on creating a circuit that included a switch. The pupils will use this knowledge later in the term when making their electronic game in DT lessons. At the moment, the boxes for the games have been prepared by covering with paper so that the themed pictures can be added.

Three children were lucky enough to be selected to attend the Civic Hall in Leeds to meet the Lord Mayor this week. Veerpal, Kaleb and Todd all were keen to question Councillor Eileen Taylor and were a credit to the school.

3Bs remarkable winning streak in the Active Travel draw continued this week. Unbelievably, both tickets went to children from that class, making a total now of eight different winners. Unfortunately, the luck hasn’t extended to a lottery win for Mr Beevers just yet!

Special mentions this week go to Milo, Luke, Yahya, Summayah and Joel. Well done for great work this week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and all the Year 4 team.

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Year 4’s Week

27/09/2019 at 10:42


Hi all,

We have had another great week in Year 4 and the children have all been working hard.

In Literacy we have watched a video about a magical machine called the Shirt Machine. Next week, the children are going to write an explanation about how it works.

We have also been learning about how to use an apostrophe of possession. The children have learnt different ways to practise their spellings and we have tested them on the Year 3 4 spelling list. They will come home with a sheet of highlighted spellings to work on next week. We had fun finding different fun ways to learn them.

In Maths we have learnt all about the place value of 4 digit numbers. The children have been practising adding and taking away 1, 10, 100 and 1000s. The hardest challenge was taking away 100 from a number like 3089 and remembering to exchange 1000 for 10 lots of 100.

In Science the children have continued to build circuits and explain how they work.

The children are enjoying their PE modules which include OAA, Athletics and Football. Swimming is running smoothly and the children are enjoying our weekly trip out to Bramley Baths.

We have sent home Maths homework this week, which is to place numbers on a variety of number lines. Next week will be learning logs and spellings.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Kroon and Mr Beevers

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