4C’s week 17.11.17 with Mr G

17/11/2017 at 16:29


Well it’s been a busy week in 4C and we’ve finally made it to Friday! I am really enjoyed my time back in Year 4 and I am really proud of how well the class have responded to the way I teach and the expectations I have for them.

In Literacy, we have been planning and rehearsing our stories, imagining that we were one of the elders of a native American tribe to help. As well as this, we have practising our conjunctions and direct speech skills. Next week we will be writing our legends out in full.

In Numeracy, we have been working on our multiplication skills. We have been solving problems, using the column multiplication method. I set some Mathletics activities earlier in the week. Please try and make sure that these have been done by Monday, when I will set some more.

In Topic, our work on North America has been really interesting. We have been looking at how the terrain of North America is so different depending on which part you are in. To help our understanding we created collages to represent each terrain.

We also watched the video below to remind us about the how the USA is divided in to the 50 different States. It brought lots of giggles and there were some interesting dance moves! I don’t think we should add line-dancing to the P.E curriculum anytime soon Mr Harris!

Congratulations to Alfie, Harry and Laura for the Special Mention Awards. They have truly been fantastic role models to the rest of the class. A massive well done to the class for getting 92% in Extreme Learning. Remember, that it should be a mixture of reading and maths each week to get the 5 ticks.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to working with you again next week.

Mr Garlick

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Year 4 this week

16/11/2017 at 23:02


Year 4 have been working super hard again this week.

In maths we have been learning about different methods of multiplication. The children learned a variety of formal and mental methods.

In Literacy we have been busy writing our legends, most of which are an excellent standard. We wrote about how an animal got a particular feature and the children had really great ideas.

In Geography we had lots of fun making a collage to represent the physical features of the USA.

Here are some pictures:

We placed mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, deserts and grassy plains onto the maps. The children created keys and labels for the different parts. They had a great time with the glitter although I’m not sure the cleaning lady was so impressed!

The children have continued to enjoy Coding, Music, Art and Cooking lesson in their PPA and have been excellent ambassadors to the school when out swimming each week.

Well done Year 4 keep it up!

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Images for descriptions with Ms Howells

12/11/2017 at 17:47


Have a look at these images and zoom in for details:

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4k this week and Fanwoods

20/10/2017 at 16:48


Hi all,

What a busy finish to the half term!

In Literacy we finished our work on poetry. We watched some famous poets performing their poems and then held a competition to perform our own. Here are some links to the finalists.



In Maths we solved a variety of problems using addition and subtraction. For homework children need to find the missing numbers in column addition calculations. Please support your child to check that they are confident with column addition and subtraction before we move on to multiplication and division.

In DT we finished making our fantastic games. the children thoroughly enjoyed letting Y2 play them. Here are some pictures:

A group of us went out to Fanwoods on Thursday. Unfortunately, we got rained on a lot, but the children were very adventurous and enjoyed slipping and sliding through the various obstacles.





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Week 6 in 4C

14/10/2017 at 11:05



Week 6 in 4C

We celebrated our harvest festival in school this morning, a lovely event to culminate another busy week in school.  Thank you for any donations that were sent into school, these will be donated to St George’s Crypt.

In maths this week we moved onto more formal column addition with carrying and began our work on column subtraction with and without exchanging. The children have made good progress with this and worked hard on a challenge with missing numbers throughout column addition sums that they had to fill in. The children really had to explore each sum and think about the information they knew and what they needed to find out.

In literacy we moved onto our poetry work, writing Haiku’s with a harvest theme. The children then used iPads to produce a clip with moving pictures and their Haiku. I have attached Umayr’s clip for you to have a look at. The children worked well on the iPads with the majority having a high level of competency.

This week we have started to make our electronic games in DT, this links our science and DT learning together and we hope to invite children from the infants building over to play with our games at the end of next week.

Our Extreme Learning percentage for this week rose by 1% to 86% – our best week so far!

With our harvest festival this morning, we have not had a special mention assembly this afternoon. Congratulations this week go to the children who have all achieved 1000 points or more on Mathletics and have received a certificate.

Individual photographs are scheduled for Tuesday with sibling photographs on Wednesday. The children have swimming on Tuesday and so they are able to wear their PE kit with their red hoodie for the photographs.

Next Friday is a training day for staff and so children will break up for the half term holiday next Thursday (19th).

An email has been sent out regarding a competition that The Collective Dairy are running to win a visit from the Brownlee Brothers to run a ‘Scootathlon’. Please vote for Farsley Farfield at http://www.thecollectivedairy.com/scootathlon/ and type in Farsley Farfield to register your vote. Once you have selected the school and typed in your name and email address, you have to verify an email that is sent to you for your vote to be counted. (Please check any junk mail folders for this).

Mr Clay

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4K this week

13/10/2017 at 10:09


Morning all,


We have had another excellent week in 4K. The children really enjoyed making their electronic games and some of them are now working. Hopefully, we will finish them next week and Year 1 and 2 children will be invited to come and play them. Photos will follow next week.

In Maths the children have been thinking hard about solving tricky addition and subtraction problems. The level of challenge was as follows:

I’m thinking of a number. I add 26 to it. Then I halve it and get 34. What was my number?

Or can you find the number half way between 230 and 280?

In Literacy, we looked at and wrote Limericks and Cinquains. the children also wrote excellent poems based on The Eagle by Tennison.

The Eagle

He clasps the crag with crooked hands;
Close to the sun in lonely lands,
Ring’d with the azure world, he stands.
The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls;
He watches from his mountain walls,
And like a thunderbolt he falls.

The children turned this into The Shark and did a brilliant job. A special well done to Kobi who has been completing extra poems at home and bringing them in.

In Science, the children learnt how to make different types of switches and put them into electric circuits.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kroon



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