4C w/e 6th October 2017

08/10/2017 at 10:40


In maths this week we moved onto addition, looking at expanded column addition. We will be continuing with more formal column addition with carrying this next week and some work on subtraction.

In literacy we wrote explanations about how to become a wizard and how ‘The Shirt Machine’ works. We will be moving onto some poetry work this next week.

I have attached some photographs from our science lesson this week – another hands-on session where we explored how switches work. First we discovered that a switch can be anywhere within the circuit and we discussed what a switch does and why they are important in circuits. We introduced push switches, on/off switches and discovered a 3-way switch could control two different circuits. The children were very animated during the session and had some super discussions around their learning.

Our Extreme Learning percentage for this week rose to 85% – our best week so far!

Congratulations to Laura and Lauren who were voted onto the school council in our election this week and to Serena and Srihan who were both celebrated in our Special Mention Assembly on Friday afternoon.

Mr Clay

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4K This week

06/10/2017 at 11:17


Hi all,

The class have had another excellent week.

We have been working hard to develop our poetry skills. The children investigated rhythm and rhyme and performed some poems. They then went outside and collected words to write Haikus. Haikus have 5 syllables, 7 syllables and then 5 syllables again so we had to carefully count syllables to create our Haikus. We then used Ipads record our poems as movies. The children have been learning how to spell different homophones. Please learn these for learning log homework this week. A homophone is a word that sounds the same but means different things so please check that your child knows the correct meaning of the words they are learning. The children learnt more about using apostrophes and adjectives in grammar. Here is one of the brilliant Haikus created by Sam. Please click here to watch:

Sam’s Haiku


In maths we have been developing our understanding of addition and subtraction by investigating the inverse and solving mathematical problems. The children have all made a lot of progress with their understanding of this. We have also been playing Mathletics. Please ask your child to achieve at least 1000 points a week on Mathletics as this will really help consolidate their understanding.

In DT we begun making our electronic games. The children really enjoyed this. Next week we will be putting the circuits into the games. In  Science the children are learning how to make different switches.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kroon and Ms Howells



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Week 4 in 4C

29/09/2017 at 20:35


It has been another busy week in Year 4.

In maths this week we have consolidated our learning of place value and the children have completed their first short maths assessment with pleasing results. Next week we will move onto work on addition and subtraction. Well done to the children who have received Mathletics certificates again this week. This is a great resource to use in addition to the children’s maths homework and achieving 1000 points in a week will be rewarded with a certificate.

In literacy we have continued our work on explanation texts and ‘The Shirt Machine’. We have worked on changing active voice sentences into passive voice and next week we will work from our plans to write our explanations as to how the machine works.

The children are continuing to enjoy the work in our science lessons and today they became electricity detectives when looking at a range of circuits, determining if they would work and if not, why not? It was lovely to hear their discussions around this. Well done to the children who have brought in an empty shoe box so far – we will use these in our DT/Science lessons to create an electronic game.

Clubs began this week and it was good to see just how many children get involved in numerous extra-curricular activities throughout KS2.

Our Extreme Learning percentage for this week remained at 80%. I have, again, set the class the challenge of getting over 90% this next week. Please try to encourage the children to take part in 10 minutes of learning each night so this can be recorded in their extreme learning record ready to be marked off each morning in class. This could be their maths homework, learning log, reading, times tables work, Mathletics or research into anything we are covering in our lessons.

Congratulations to Alfie and Kaydi who were both celebrated in our Special Mention Assembly on Friday afternoon.

Mr Clay

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4K This Week

29/09/2017 at 14:05


Hi all,

We have had another hard working week in 4K and it is nice to hear lots of compliments from everyone who teaches them!

In Maths we have begun work on formal addition and subtraction methods. Please complete follow up games on Mathletics on addition and subtraction. Homework is completing a series mixed addition and subtraction calculations.

In Literacy the children completed their shirt machine explanations. They used imagination and interesting vocabulary to make their work engaging.

In ICT, we learnt about E-Safety and especially focused on fake websites and fake information.

The children were excellent ambassadors of the school at swimming. They changed quickly, listened well to the instructor and tried their best to swim to their best ability.

The children enjoyed making amazing circuits in Science.

Next week we will continue working on addition and subtraction. We will begin work on poetry in Literacy. The children will also begin to make their electric games using a shoe box and different electrical components. They have made some exciting and tricky design plans, so wish us luck!

Well done to Harry and Jaya for their special mentions this week.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Kroon and Mrs Howells


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Our week in 4C

23/09/2017 at 10:27


Welcome again to our 4C blog.

Another busy week has flown by in Year 4.

In maths this week we have continued our work on place value. We have explored Roman Numerals and how the order of the letters determines the value. It was really pleasing to see how the children progressed during our sessions. We also worked on rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and the nearest 100.

In literacy we ordered explanation texts, began to write explanations and have watched a short clip called ‘The Shirt Machine’ which is all about an inventor who has created a fantastic machine which produces shirts with all different designs. This work will continue into next week.

Our science lessons continue to be very hands-on with the children exploring different circuit components, including, batteries, wires, bulbs within bulb holders, buzzers and motors and explaining, with the help of diagrams, how the circuits work. I have asked the children to bring in a shoe box or similar sized cardboard box which we will use in our DT/Science lessons to create an electronic game.

Swimming continued on Tuesday afternoon and all the children started in their groups. The children are enjoying our PE sessions and a further opportunity has arisen in school for further physical activity – on Friday lunchtimes we are holding a cross country club. Children can wear their PE kit on a Friday if they wish to take part in this club.

All other after school clubs begin this next week.

Our Extreme Learning percentage for this week was 80% – slightly down on last week. I have, again, set the class the challenge of getting over 90% this next week.

Maths homework has been sent out again this week and I know that children are continuing to use Mathletics in addition to this – well done to those children who are aiming to earn 1000 points each week so they can get a certificate for Mathletics. Learning logs have also been sent out this week with an electricity theme.

Congratulations to Svana and Harry who were both celebrated in our Special Mention Assembly on Friday afternoon.

Mr Clay

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4K This week

22/09/2017 at 09:28


Hi all,

We have had another busy and successful week in 4K. The children enjoyed their first proper swimming session and their new units of PE.

In Maths we have worked hard to understand negative numbers and Roman Numerals. Homework is solving Roman Numeral puzzles. There is a Roman numeral game they can play on this website http://www.abcya.com/roman_numerals.htm  . Also please can all children go on Mathletics and practise on the place value games. They should score at least 1000 points to get a certificate. This can be done as part of extreme learning and will really help consolidate their understanding from lessons.

In Literacy we watched a funny animated video about a machine that makes magical shirts. The children have been developing their use of adverbs and conjunctions ready to write an explanation of how the machine works next week.

In Science the children really enjoyed building circuits with Mrs Howells. They are looking forward to building their electronic games in DT using the skills the knowledge and skills they have developed from Science.

Well done to Isaac and Elsa our special mentions of the week. Also well done to everyone this week! We have achieved 95% on our extreme learning an absolute record for our class! Amazing effort! Keep it up 4K!

Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs Kroon


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