All things American

21/11/2019 at 20:32


Our work in English this week has continued to be based on First Nation legends. We read two more stories featuring the trickster Nanabush. In the first, he used his flattery skills to find food and, in return for his help, provided the turtle with his shell. The second showed Nanabush’s darker side when he tricked a family of duck into becoming his meal. However, his plan ultimately failed due to his laziness. The children have started to plan their own Nanabush “legend” based on either of these two tales. We have been very impressed with the creativeness and imagination shown, with some examples being how the fish got its fins, how the snake lost its legs, how the lion got his roar and how the scorpion got his sting. We look forward to reading the completed stories next week.

Our Geography this week focused on the physical geography of the United States. The children were given a large out line of the country plus coloured paper, sand, wool, egg boxes and card to make the features. We had great fun creating our collages and have learned the names of some mountain ranges, deserts and rivers.

Special mentions this week go to Jameela, Amrit, Isabelle, Zayn and Tilly. Well done!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Kroon, Mr Beevers, Ms Howells and all the Year 4 team.

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Reading Buddies

15/11/2019 at 18:10


There were plenty of creative costumes on display today for our Children in Need day. We spent some time this morning trying to guess which adjective had been chosen to describe the various getups. This afternoon, both classes joined with the two reception classes to read books to the younger children. We had a lovely time sharing a range of stories and the feeling was that we would definitely like to repeat the experience.

Our Maths this week has focused on multiplying by 10 and 100. We also related this to division, making sure we used the correct explanation and terminology to describe the processes undertaken.

In science we scraped, plucked, tapped, blew and strummed our way through an investigation to find out if something has to move for a sound to be made. After lots of careful looking, listening and touching our observations proved that something does move – we had discovered vibrations.

Next week we will go on to investigate how vibrations travel through gas and solids.

Special mentions this week go to Daniel, Alfie and Joe for great work this week. There were also a couple of outstanding debuts for the girls football team. The team is normally made up of Year 5 and 6 girls but Isabel and Erin stepping in and played brilliantly. Well done girls!

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and the Year 4 team

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North America and Sound

08/11/2019 at 20:21


Welcome back after the break.

Our topic this half term is North America. We will be studying the counties of the continent in Geography and will look at some of the traditional stories from the region in English. The stories this week were similar version of the creation of the world as told by the Ojibwi and Algonquian peoples, involving Nanabush and Wisakedjak.

In RE this week we have been looking at and retelling the Diwali story. The children created freeze frames to show the story of Rama and Sita.

Our Science topic over the next seven weeks is entitled Good Vibrations. The children will be learning how sounds are created, how they travel and how they can be altered. In DT, we will also be making musical instruments. This week, we investigated which instruments or objects could produce high or low pitched sound. We also noted whether they were quiet or loud and if the sound was continuous or a pulse. Strangely, although we had a variety of high and low pitched instruments, they all seemed to be very loud!

Our special mentions this week go to Daniel, Junior, Ibraheem and Veerpal. They have all started the new half term with brilliant attitudes towards their learning. Well done boys!

Have a great weekend (mine will be quiet).

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and all the Year 4 team.

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4K Steady hands and Y4 trip to Fanwoods.

28/10/2019 at 16:44


Hi all,

I just wanted to share some photos from 4K’s electronic games and from the Year 4 trip to Fanwoods.

Here are the electronic games:

On Thursday afternoon, Year 1 came over to play the electronic games that we had made. The Year 1s won tickets and well done prizes when they had completed them and really enjoyed playing. The Year 4s looked after them and were excellent role models.

In the morning the children from OAA PE went to Fanwoods. Here are the pictures:

Have a great half term.

Mrs Kroon and the Year 4 team

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Steady hands

25/10/2019 at 18:14


In English, the poetry topic finished with the children writing their own haiku. The structure of this type of poem is that the first and third line contain five syllables, whilst the second has seven. The children were given the option to write their poem based on either the sun, the sky, a castle, a fairy, a monster or a giant. We worked hard to think of relevant adjectives and then fit them correctly into the lines. The children then enjoyed performing their own poems and listening to other.

On Thursday afternoon, Year 1 children came to our classrooms to play with the electronic games that we have been making over the past few weeks. The Year 4 children were thrilled to have the visitors and were keen to show how their games worked and explain how they were made.

More photos from the afternoon can be found on the Year 1 blog.

All the children have worked hard since starting Year 4 in September and have earned a well deserved week off.

Have a good holiday.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and the Year 4 team

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Fun and Games

18/10/2019 at 17:45


Maths this week has focused on addition and using the column method. The children have worked with four digit numbers and have applied what they know to solve some tricky problems.

Our English work on poetry has continued with the children learning how to use onomatopoeias in their work. We had some great examples such as the boing of a pogo stick, the crunch of crisps or the squeak of a guinea pig. We then wrote our own version of either the poem The Sound Collector (4K) or Surrounded by Noise (4B).

In DT, some of the children finished making their electronic games this week and had the chance to play them with their friends. We all had a great time making and playing them and next week we aim to spread the fun to Year 1 children as they will be invited to have a go on Thursday afternoon.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and all the Year 4 team.

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