4G’s Train Like a Jedi

Thursday 12th July | 2 comments

Over the past few weeks we have been trying to be more physically active in class. We have been using the Change4Life website to help action this idea.

We have been learning some Jedi moves.

The Resistance needs you!

Calling all friends of the Resistance, the First Order are fast approaching and the Resistance need as much help as they can get during their darkest hour. This is your chance to help, so get ready!

Through this fun Train Like A Jedi video, Olympic gold medalist Jade Jones will guide you through 12 special moves which will help you master the ways of the Jedi. Be strong, healthy and prepared for when the Resistance might need you.

The 12 moves become one Jedi training routine. Don’t worry if you can’t manage them all at once – some of them need a bit of practice. And once you’ve mastered these don’t be afraid to have a go at creating your own moves too!

Once you have finished the training, these Jedi skills will be valuable in the next part of the journey – a series of secret challenges during the summer holidays.

Have fun, work hard and Train Like A Jedi. May the Force be with you!

2 responses to “4G’s Train Like a Jedi”

  1. Daniel’s Mum says:

    Good job 4G! It looks like the force is strong in you! With your help the resistance will win!

  2. Mr Little says:

    It’s great to see the high level of engagement with this in 4G! I’m also impressed with the children’s level of skill after only just starting! Well done 4G!

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