Teeth, Communities, pop-up books and the fastest girl in Leeds!

Saturday 8th February | 2 comments

In Science this week, the children learned about the functions of the various types of teeth. By using different equipment, they experimented which teeth were the best at which job. For instance, could a potato masher (a molar) bite into an apple or was it better suited to chewing and mashing a banana.

In RE, the children continued their topic around communities and groups. They divided into groups to decide the best way to welcome new members into their group.

Our English for the rest of the half term is making a pop up book about vertebrate animals, complete with interesting information. This week, the children researched facts about the five vertebrate categories: fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. They then practised making pop ups for their book. Some of the pop ups were quite fiddly but they persevered and produced a range of prototypes. After the books are completed, the two classes will meet with their reading buddies in Year 1 to share their work.

Finally, well done to all the children taking part in the cross country finals at Temple Newsam. Todd, L.J. Maddy, Yahya, Lotte, Erin,Isabel, Alexis, Jack and Milo all made the school proud of them. First boy back was Todd in an excellent 15th place. First Farfield girl back was Erin, however she was also the first overall in her race! Well done for being the fastest girl in Leeds. Erin deservedly received a massive round of applause in Special Mention Assembly today in recognition of her achievement.

The Special Mentions this week go to Erin, Daniel, Yahya and Haris. Well done guys for a great week.

Have a great week.

The Y4 team

2 responses to “Teeth, Communities, pop-up books and the fastest girl in Leeds!”

  1. Erin’s mum says:

    We are super proud of Erin. She is excited to beat her best now at the Yorkshire’s! Well done to the rest of the team too, they all did amazing.

    We too have lots of pop up cards at home. You tube has been used to look at different ones to make.

  2. Amanda Smith says:

    Another great week in year 4. Daniel has loved making his pop up book, so much so he has been practising at home and everyone in the family now has one each!

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