4G’s week 27.04.18

Friday 27th April | 2 comments

It’s been another busy week in 4G!

In Literacy, the class finished writing up their historical themed stories. After that, they  began their new topic on play scripts. They used Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ to practise their dialogue writing. They had to come up with a new, dastardly deed to play on either Mr or Mrs Twit and then write the conversation that would ensue from it. To help come up with an idea, I asked them to think of a trick they had played or would like to play on the sibling or parent. Some of the ideas were brilliant. Saying that, I’d be a little worried if I were some of you. You may want to check above your doorways for falling paint tins or check what you are eating isn’t something else!

In Numeracy, the class have been looking at money, particularly coins, in order to add and subtract and problem solve.

In Topic, the class have begun the study of ‘The Golden Age of the Islamic Civilisation’. This is an amazing part of history and they have been finding out where and when it happened, using atlases and Google Earth to help their research.

In Science, Mrs Daniels has started a new topic all about materials and how to classify them according to their properties.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Garlick

2 responses to “4G’s week 27.04.18”

  1. Sami H (Saads Brother) (; says:

    Saad was intrigued also.

  2. Umayr's mum says:

    Umayr was very excited and intrigued about learning about The Golden Age of the Islamic Civilisation, and was amazed by what he discovered.

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