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Thursday 21st November | Comments are off for this post

Our work in English this week has continued to be based on First Nation legends. We read two more stories featuring the trickster Nanabush. In the first, he used his flattery skills to find food and, in return for his help, provided the turtle with his shell. The second showed Nanabush’s darker side when he tricked a family of duck into becoming his meal. However, his plan ultimately failed due to his laziness. The children have started to plan their own Nanabush “legend” based on either of these two tales. We have been very impressed with the creativeness and imagination shown, with some examples being how the fish got its fins, how the snake lost its legs, how the lion got his roar and how the scorpion got his sting. We look forward to reading the completed stories next week.

Our Geography this week focused on the physical geography of the United States. The children were given a large out line of the country plus coloured paper, sand, wool, egg boxes and card to make the features. We had great fun creating our collages and have learned the names of some mountain ranges, deserts and rivers.

Special mentions this week go to Jameela, Amrit, Isabelle, Zayn and Tilly. Well done!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Kroon, Mr Beevers, Ms Howells and all the Year 4 team.

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