14th May

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Good evening parents/carers,

We’ve had another lovely week in school. We have started our new topic in English which is “playscripts”. This is my personal favourite and the children seem to be enjoying it too. It’s lovely to see children come out of their shells when performing. We have been looking at the evil tricks of Mr and Mrs Twit first. We also wrote our own pranks focusing on correctly punctuating speech. I’d watch out as the children had some great ideas…

In French, we have started the topic of “hobbies”. The children enjoyed learning some new verbs and we played a memory matching game. 4C got extremely competitive and excited and as French lead it was lovely to see their enthusiasm. Ask your child if they can remember the French translation of “to watch” or the meaning of aller in English.

The children have continued to work on decimals in Maths. This weeks homework is further work on decimals and can be found on the Maths google classroom.

We are still missing a number of replies for the Murton Park trip. If your child needs a new letter, please remind them to ask their teacher. We would like to remind you that the cost of £16 is genuinely voluntary and parents are under no obligation to pay. However, in order for the trip to be financially viable, we will require the vast majority of parents to make the voluntary contribution. If we do not receive enough contributions, then the trip may have to be cancelled.

English homework requires children to look at a range of apostrophes for possession and decide whether it is needed for a singular or plural noun. This is something we’ve worked hard on in class so the children should be able to complete it independently. This can be found on the English lockdown classroom.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 4 team

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