4K Maps, Skipping and Sound

Sunday 24th November | 2 comments

Hi all,

Here are a few extra photos from last week.

4K really enjoyed making maps of America using collage to get a feel for the landscapes:

The skipping morning was also a great success and we are looking forwards to lots of practise, followed by a competition in March for 30 of the Year 4 pupils.

In science, we continued our topic on sound and the children really enjoyed exploring vibration and sounds in everyday objects. One of the questions to explore was: does sound travel best through a solid or a gas? They were delighted by the sounds that they could generate and feel from the new radiator covers! We are looking forward to Sam the Sound Man next week.

2 responses to “4K Maps, Skipping and Sound”

  1. Amanda Smith says:

    Another busy week and some great maps there 4K. Sam the sound man sounds very interesting and exciting for next week, I am sure he will give you some great ideas.

  2. Zoe Webb (Jack's mum) says:

    Jack has had a really awesome week and loved being part of the team this weekend for the cross country. Thank you for allowing him to join the team last minute

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