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Friday 16th November | 1 comment

Morning all,

We have been working hard in 4K this week.

In Literacy, the children have read stories from the Native American culture which tie in with our Geography work on America. We then learnt about writing complex sentences with a subordinate clause and a variety of conjunctions such as: ‘Because they were tired, they lay down on their beds and quickly went to sleep.’

We also learnt to use a range of adverbs and adverbial phrases in our sentences.

In Maths we have been solving a range of addition and subtraction problems. Our favourite were comparison problems such as, ‘Sarah and Paul have 36 sweets. Sarah eats 8 more than Paul. How many do they each eat?’ Have a go yourself and see if your child can explain how to do it if you get stuck! For maths homework there are some addition and subtraction problems to complete, using a range of mathematical vocabulary. We are excited to be coming to school as our rock star today. Please keep practising Times Tables Rockstars and Mathletics at home. Please ask children to go on the addition and subtraction games on Mathletics at home.

In Geography we had fun learning the states of America. We practised our compass directions to find which state we would get to on the map. The children were especially excited to find ‘Kentucky’ on the map –  the home of KFC!

In Science the children are learning about how sounds are made and how sound travels. We will be having an exciting workshop from ‘Sam the Sound Man’ on Thursday 29th November. A letter will be coming home on Monday explaining more about this.

Mr Cooke came in to observe one of our lessons this week and was very impressed with the enthusiasm and engagement of all the children. Their attitude to learning is fantastic. Keep it up 4K!

We hope you have a great weekend,


Mrs Kroon and the Year 4 team.



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  1. Peter Harris says:

    I find it a bit sad that Farfield children get excited about KFC. It isn’t particularly healthy food, especially if eaten regularly, and a billion chickens a year are slaughtered in the UK after just over a month of life where they have never been outside and have been crammed in barns at a density of 19 birds per square metre. The chickens on our school farm are certainly some of the luckiest chickens in the world!

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