A sound day

Friday 29th November | 1 comment

Sam the Sound Man visited on Thursday, giving us a very entertaining day. He explained and demonstrated how sound is created and travels through air, liquids and solids. He then showed the children how to build their own musical instruments using a variety of household materials. Next week we are planning our creations, with construction taking place the week after. If you have any spare plastic pipes, metal pipes, wooden planks, wooden blocks, wooden boxes, cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, fishing wire or anything else that might resemble part of an instrument, then please send it in with your child.

In English, our Nanabush stories are nearing completion, with the children now editing them. Next week we will showcase some examples.

Our aim in science this week was to find out which was the loudest percussion instrument from a selection, then create our own, even louder one. We used laptops and the school’s new data loggers to investigate this. Metal chocolate tins, dried pasta and coins seemed to be the most effective at creating noise although they were perhaps not the most tuneful!

Special mentions this week go to Abigail, Hira, Florence and Kaleb. Well done!

Have a great weekend.

Mr Beevers, Mrs Kroon, Ms Howells and the Year 4 team.

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  1. Laura(Isaac s mum) says:

    Lovely to see everybody having a fab time

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